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The Best Beers for Weight Loss

As it’s the start of a new year, many of us are hoping to enter 2023 with a clean slate, healthier choices and kick off with worthwhile weight loss goals. When it comes to our alcohol choices, it can be easy to overlook the empty calories that we drink when we go out with friends, with meals and even when relaxing in front of the TV – so it may be worthwhile to learn the best beers for weight loss.

Sensible choices lead to better results

When it comes to weight loss and generally getting healthier, there tends to be two types of people; those who overlook alcohol and those that cut it out entirely. If you feel like you’re the former, you may be having more of an impact on your body than you realise – and if you come under the latter camp, you could be depriving yourself for nothing (and this could have the added disadvantage of falling off the wagon and ruining your progress).

The key factor to keep in mind is that education will be your best tool when considering beers for weight loss, so take a look at your drink of choice, work out how much you typically consume and your general calorie intake to see where you can cut down.

Top tips: beers for weight loss

Beers can be especially high in calories if you consume the wrong ones, so instead of reaching for those tasty craft beers that can contain as much as 300 calories (as well as a higher percentage of alcohol and carbs), consider a regular 12 ounce beer that will typically have around half that amount.

When you consider that a good weight loss plan should see you consuming less than 500 calories a day, just one craft beer could seriously put a dent in your efforts. With this in mind, light beers can be your best bet, as these typically contain 100 calories or less – for example, Budweiser Select 55 only contains 55.

Another factor to keep in mind when drinking is that you are more likely to reach for snacks, as alcohol can increase your appetite – and this will probably seem obvious once you think of all the times you have ended a night out with a takeaway. When you are mindful of how alcohol can make you eat more, you’ll be better equipped to avoid food altogether or make healthier choices that won’t derail your journey.

A great way to ensure that you don’t drink too much when losing weight is to pay attention to the times you typically drink. One light beer a day may be okay, but if you have an event coming up where you are going to want to enjoy a beverage or two, try to cut back in the days during the lead up. Be sure to pace yourself also, as the faster you finish your drink, the sooner you’ll want to go and get another one.

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