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Is Beer Good for Your Health

It’s no secret that many individuals like a good drink and beer is a popular choice. While no alcohol is deemed to be good for your health, this is largely associated with overconsumption, as opposed to a more balanced approach to drinking. In recent times, there has been a growing focus on how beverages like beer can potentially be good for you in moderation – and the findings are interesting to say the least.

Beer for health: the potential benefits

More and more people are beginning to ask “is beer good for health” and this is not limited to those who enjoy a Friday night propped up at the bar. There is more and more interest coming from the scientific community and this is leading to some worthwhile information coming to the fore. For example, support for the following benefits are beginning to emerge:

Heart health

As some beers are using more hops to boost bitter flavours, beer is seemingly becoming healthier. As these flowers are high in B vitamins, antioxidants and even protein, individuals consuming 1-2 beers per day could potentially lower their risk of both heart disease and strokes.

Brain function

Another big concern for the overconsumption of alcohol is a decline in brain function. The good news is that with a more conscious approach to drinking beer, certain hop extracts could provide a barrier against the proteins in the brain that cause degradation and ultimately, disease.

Bone, joint and ligament health

On a slightly different note, barley-based beers contain silicon that can assist the body when producing collagen that can increase bone density, strengthen ligaments and boost joint mobility.

Reduced risk of diabetes

When drinking beer regularly and in moderation, the presence of fibres and other nutrients can help to regulate blood sugar levels and minimise the risk of individuals developing diabetes.

A balanced diet

In a more general overview of health, beer can also go towards your nutrient intake and contribute to a more well-rounded diet by increasing the volume of B vitamins, fibre, folate, niacin and more that you consume daily.

Can switching from spirits and other alcohol types to beer be a good idea?

The answer to this question certainly seems to be yes, and there are a host of reasons why. When drinking beer for health, it can be worthwhile to understand that your drinking habits could be just as big of an issue as the detrimental ingredients. For example, beers don’t typically require mixers to water them down or make them taste better. This means that opting for beer over vodka and coke can negate the side effects of a higher alcohol percentage, as well as reduce your sugar intake, calories and more.

In many cases, those who drink beer tend to only have a pint or two, whereas those drinking shots are likely to have multiple and mix them with other drinks throughout the night. The problem here is that binge-drinking is often not considered overconsumption, so many individuals may not realise the damage they are causing.

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