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Which Alcohol is Best for Your Health

When we think of alcohol, we think of all the negative connotations that come with it. While it’s true that there are downsides to excessive drinking, there can also be benefits when using certain alcohols to boost your diet. With this in mind, you may be asking “which alcohol is best for health?”.

6 alcohols that are good for you

The key to getting the maximum benefits from any diet is moderation – and this can be true for both the foods you eat and the drinks you consume. When considering alcohol, just one small glass every day can add some extra, worthwhile nutrients. The good news is that making the right selections when drinking socially won’t have too much of a negative impact on your health if you keep a close eye on your consumption.

1. Red wine

It’s no secret that red wine can be good for you, but do you know why? It contains a host of polyphenols – and these are essential antioxidants that can help protect against heart disease. One in particular is Resveratrol, which can help to regulate blood sugar, improve memory, cognitive function and even help fight against dementia, cancer and more.

2. Beer

Although beer and wine have different compositions, beer also contains polyphenols and has similar benefits to red wine. On the other hand, it has more protein and B vitamins and has some additional advantages as a result. Drinking beer can help to regulate blood pressure and both lower and maintain cholesterol.

3. Whisky

Whisky is an alcohol that has a more diverse range of applications when considering a better diet. Also containing polyphenols, it can help to improve heart health, balance blood sugar, regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol and more, but it can also help to minimise blood clots, reduce inflammation and assist with weight loss efforts. It can also be used to numb throat pain and can fight congestion.

4. Brandy

Brandy is one of the best alcohols to add to your diet if you’re looking for something that can increase cell regeneration. This can help to target cancers such as bladder and ovarian cancer and can improve the signs of aging.

5. Vodka

While vodka isn’t known for its ability to improve health and fight disease, the high alcohol content can be used to help target bad breath, as it kills any bacteria present within the mouth. Drinking a small amount regularly can help to improve skin health and stimulate hair growth.

6. Rum

Rum can be an important addition to a heart-healthy diet, but it can also act as a muscle relaxant, a blood thinner and a preventative measure for diabetes. It has antiseptic properties that can fight against the common cold and ease sore throats, while being low in calories and carbs.

Key takeaways

As you can see, a host of alcohols can be beneficial when you want to ensure a balanced, healthy diet. As long as you practice moderation and make the right choices when drinking (like minimising sugary mixers like cola), you will soon see some worthwhile advantages.

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